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Who we are

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My name is Martin?Bboy7 and I live in Loughborough (Near Nottingham / England), originally I come from SLOVAKIA. I 'probably' was the first bboy in this town but very soon I found some friends who wanted to learn breaking as well...bla,bla,bla...But anyway, thanks goes to Dave who contacted me about 3-4months ago. He was very iniciative and managed to organise a Breakdance-Club here in Loughborough. From the 16/2/2001 we will begin with 'Pure' Breakdance sessions which will be on the Uni (North-Gym or Dance-Studio) each week.

If you live in Loughborough or in Midlands don't hesitate and come to our sessions...we also hope that very soon (perhaps) we'll manage to organise a small Bboy Jam, if we would then even some bboys from London might come over to Loughborough. Also now we've got some contacts in Derby where the Bboy Scene seems to grow like..%?*@&;$!...So if you live in Midlands you can just be happy that you do, cause this is the Place to be.

On the other hand, I know how hard it is to learn breakdance if you don't have a teacher and that's why I've created this page. England's Breakdancing Scene is still quite poor and because of this we would be very pleased if you could send us some info about your Local dance events. More people would come to this events which is very good because the dance would have wonderful conditions to develop further. If you've got any questions/comments or info, don't hesitate & contact us.

Keep it real! {Bboy7}

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