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Ok, well this move is also known as a float. In this move your entire body is facing the floor, like lying on your stomach. Except the only thing touching the ground are your palms. So you support yourself with your arms. Sounds like it requires lots of strength right? Wrong. The secret is that you are not holding yourself up with your arm muscles at all, instead you are tucking your elbows into your stomach so that both elbows almost touch.(elbows are between the hip-bone and beely-buton) The only  thing you need for this move is balance. Your wrists will very likley start to hurt because they have never had to sustain that much weight before. They will soon thicken don't worry...also you might not be able to breath and your face will turn red...not to worry this is because you have to train yourself to tighten your stomach muscles and stiffen your body so that you can breath under the muscle...if your body is too lax you will not be able to breath.(You will learn to do this after some practice automaticcaly, just train hard)

Why is it also called a float? Because the second part to this move is moving. Once you master being able to balance in this awkward position you must now be able to move around in a circle, idealy you should be able to walk forward and backward as well, using only your hands. Moving in a circle is easier than walking forwards or backwards. In order to move around, you have to shift all your body weight to one arm, so that for about a half second the only thing holding your body wieght is this one arm. Then you land on the other arm, balancing all weight on that arm, and so on. While you are on each arm you make a very slight turn, so little by little you begin to move. When you first practise this you should move slowly. As you get better you will move like 'lightning speed' and that's when you really wow an audience. You should begin by learning only how to balance. Don't even try moving until you can hold a turtle pretty much forever. Once you can easily hold this turtle position, it's time to move to the floor. On the floor, you have to able to pop into it. That means you must be able to get into a turtle easily. If you struggle too much people won't be impressed. You'll notice that when doing turtles on the floor your face is about 1 inch or less away from the floor. Your feet should be spread wide apart (this helps very much with balance) and bent at the knees. You can do turtles with your feet straight out but it's very very hard. If you can do that you are the man. Doing turtles builds up your abdominal muscles in no time.

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