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Before you even try this move, make sure you can do really slick kick-ups. From a crouch, roll back onto your upper back and do a regular kip up, just not with the same amount of power you would normally. Do it so you land on your feet, but are off balance enough you'll fall back down naturally. Keep your legs on the ground and as you fall back down on your upper back, use your hands next to your head to support your fall. Be sure to keep your head tucked in. You should land with your hands, feet, and upper back touching the ground and your back and pelvis arched upwards. Do this untill you are totally comfortable with landing on your hands and upper back. Then, start throwing your legs up as you fall down so you land in the same position as just before you jump up from a kick-up. When you pop back up, land off balance so you can jump back into another one. Eventually you should be comfortable to just jump straight into a rubberband from a crouch. For rubberbands to be rubberbands, you have to do more than one, but don't overdo it.

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