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Ok guys, I'm sure you saw the moonwalk billion times on MTV done by Michael Jackson, Britney spears(ops I've done it again), ....This move(slide/walk) isn't really as difficult as it looks like actually it's easy like hell. Get a video of Mike.Jackson watch it careffuly and observe his feets. It is a bit hard to explain this move in words, but anyway...., get into this 'starting' position: with one leg just your toes are touching the ground and the other legs foot is flat on the ground. You slide your flat foot backwards while the other leg is touching the floor just with the toes(don't forget that the 'one' foot schould be flat the whole time it is sliding backwards). Then you quickly 'change' the 'position' of the feets and repeat everything. I know that this description is a bit hard to understand but don't wory, read the text few times and you should understand it. This move is hard to understand but quite easy to perform.

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