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In order to hand glide you need to know how to balance on two hands first! Place both your elbows right next to your belly button. Then have your legs bent like frogs legs are. Apply all your weight on your two arms and try balancing. Practice balancing in this turtle possition with two hands until you think you can ballance on it for a long time! After that, get a peice of  cloth, rag, bennie or cotton glove under your right/left hand then tuck that right/left elbow next to your belly button. Now use   the right/left hand which is doing nothing at the moment and start paddling with it so you are spinning on your right/left hand! (CAUTION) Do it slow at first or you may fall and pain will inflict you! After you got spinning on your hand really good, add   style in to it! While you are paddling gain as much speed as you can then place your right/left hand on your back or head. So all  you will be doing is spinning with no paddling and will be spinning with the momentum!

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