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sorry, animation not available at the moment

Ok bboys and bgirls, for learning four step, you should first learn to do six step relatively well. For clockwise four-steps, start from the push-up position (the way you would start a six-step). (Basically this part is the six-step)

1. Lift your left arm, and move your right leg through so it's more or less where your left hand just was.

2. Move your left leg so that your left foot is tucked behind the left knee.

3. Move your right foot around to your right side so your legs are uncrossed. At the same time switch your hands.

4. Extend your left leg and sweep it around hard in a clockwise arc (like a helicopter), but instead of stopping there like in the six-step, or swinging it and jumping with your right foot like in the helicopter, swing your left leg hard and let it "carry" your right leg back around your body to step one and continue.(You can also extend your feets in a 'V' shape as shown in the Animation)

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