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Start with a backwalk-over. Basically you just fall backwards and land in a bridge position and then your legs follow (keep them as straight as possible). This is your hand placement and now you don't have to be able to a backflip because I can't do one either. After you can do the backwalk-over just jump into it and this is a backspring. Master this first before trying to land in the same spot. When you get a regular backspring down you can start under cutting it so that your hands will land in the same spot as your feet were. To do this you have to jump forward and back at the same time. This sounds weird but you will get it, just watch some gymnasts doing backsprings in slow-mo. You have to throw your hips forward as you jump into your backspring and eventually you'll be landing in the same spot. Be careful and try it first on a thick 'gym' matt. A bridge position is when you bend backwards until only your hands and feet touch the ground. You can get into this position  by laying on your back and placing your hands to the sides of your head(just above your shoulders), bend your legs so your feet are on the floor, now just push yourself all the way up so your body forms an upside down U. If you still don't know what I mean, do you know what the starting position for headswipes looks like? It is just like that except instead of suporting your weight on your head you suport your weight on your hands. For the backwalk-over(start from the bridge) you try to throw your legs over your head until you are standing up, this is very hard for guys and this move is not nessesary for backsprings but it helps a lot. Just practice falling backwards into the bridge position first. Watch your head! Keep your arms stiff but not locked! For your hand placement keep your hands close together. Once you got this try jumping into it and whipping your legs so they go over your head (keep your legs straight).

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