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Ok, the backspin is probably the easiest spin which is performed in breakdancing. There is really nothing difficult on this move and you will get it without doubt. So, you sit on the floor with one feet straight and the other one 90 bend to it. You kick in a circullar motion with the bend feet, follow with the straight one and go on your back. Observe a bit the animation and try it out. It's really easy.

There is also another 'standard' way getting into a backspin. It's the animation on the left...U have to put your elbov under your hip and do the first rotation of a windmill (don't worry you don't have to be able to do windmills at all) but stay on your back and rotate. This starting position gives you much more turn/momentum, it's a bit harder to master as the other starting position but if you learn this one you are on a good way doing windmills...have a look at our windmills-Tutorial...and practice, practice, practice.......

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