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If you master this move it looks pretty cool. It takes a little bit of time to learn it but I am sure you will get it.         Single legged applejacks-From the squatting position, drop backwards and put all your weight on your hands, set shoulder width apart or a little bit more, and kick your preferred leg straight up towards the ceiling, bringing it as close as possible to your face. The other leg should be kept bent and supporting your lower body off the floor. Your arms should bend a little to absorb the impact of your body weight on the floor and allow your legs to kick as far up as possible. Using that straight leg, kick back forward and down at the same time pushing off with your hands and tightening your abs so that the torso follows the leg. If you do it hard enough, you'll end up in your original squatting postion pretty easily.

Beginning Double legged applejacks- find an edge (your bed will do fine) you can sit on that's about one or two feet above the floor. Now, putting your hands slightly behind you, just a bit over shoulder width apart, prepare to jump off. Kick up with both feet as high as you can and try to level your upper body as horizontal as possible. During these practice jumps, your legs won't spread very much or go very high, but don't worry, that's normal. It's just that when you're sitting on a bed, your legs are less flexed than when you're squatting on the floor, and you can't get as much power from them. Anyway, back to the how-to. Right now your legs are flying crazily upwards, and you should now start to think about landing back down. Using only your legs (your arms, since they won't bend at all will do very little to provide for kick back power), kick in an upwards-forward-downward arch, and again, midway through the kick tense you abs quickly to lock your torso with your leg movement. If all goes well, you should land on your feet on the floor, not sitting on your bed. If you want to take your time progressing, lower the edge that you're practising on until you get to the ground.
The real thing(REAL doble legged applejacks)-Get into the squatting position once again, leaning a bit forward. When you feel ready, jump and throw your upper body backwards, catching yourself with two very stiff arms. Your legs should be swinging as hard up towards the ceiling, stretching out to the sides to help balance you out. When you feel crazily horizontal and you legs are way up and pretty much on each side of you face, it's time to kick back before you fall on your ass. Once again, kick in a upwards-forward-downward arch, VERY hard (remember, straight arms, they don't bend and can't push off very well). When by kick alone you feel you're off the floor, THEN is the time to tighten your stomach. Your feet will land and so will you, in an upright position and slightly squatting. Stuff that will happen at first: You will land on your ass cause your arms can't take the impact. Your kickback won't be high enough and you'll land with your whole legs flat on the floor. Your legs will land, buit the uper body won't make it and you'll fall on your back. Don't worry. It happens. Eventually you'll pull them off. They're really a pretty easy move.

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