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Ok, the word 'La Planche' comes from the french Language. The Planche(on the image) is sometimes also called a horizontal Handstand, because you are actually doing a handstand, not vertically but horizontally. Planche is a Freeze but I think that this is probably the most hardest Freeze which exists out there, and it needs more detailled explanation then other Freezes. So the basic thing what you have to do; when you turn on the next time your TV switch to Eurosport and watch some Gymnastics. The Planche is a very common move in Gymnastics and it helps a lot to see how to get into the planche. When you are doing the Planche your arms should be totally stiff(not bent). You have to lean your shoulders to the front untill you 'find' the equillibrum. Another important detail your fingertips should be never facing 'directly' to the front, because if you would fall over you would probably break your wrists. The fingertips should not be facing to your side and either to the front as I said but they should be facing somewhere between these two directions. The most IMPORTANT thing, you must have very, very strong shoulders to do a Planche(there is really no trick to this move, you have to be strong). To make your shoulder muscles stronger I recomend to do many push-ups, 'weight-lifting' and also a very god exercise are 'Handstand push-ups'(get into a Headstand and push yourself up with your hands, get back slowly to the headstand and reaped this many helps). For more questions contact us.

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