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This is actually not as hard or dangerous as it looks. If you can get on your head in a tripod position (using both your hands to help you keep balanced) you can do this. You must be able to hold this headstand position pretty much forever before you attempt to spin. Try "walking" in a circle using your hands. Do this slowly at first. Once you can do this fast (it helps you keep straight back while spinning, and trains you to keep balance while rotating) you have to twist only your hips and keep your  upper body straight. By twisting your hips you are "cocking" yourself, like twisting a rubberband. Then quickly snap your hips in the other direction and let go of the ground with your hands. You'll probably only rotate about half a turn at first. Once you can get a full rotation catch yourself with your hands again. This is called a "tap" People will respect you if you can tap forever.  Try to use the tips of your fingers too when you tap, and slightly lean into your hands and keep the knees above the elbows. Always use a hat when practising or you might get a bald spot. Ok, this may seem logical to some but to others it is not..DO NOT TRY THIS ON CARPET !!!!!!! Youll burn a hole in your head!

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