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This is the same thing as a Handglide, except you do not spin but you hop on one hand. This one requires very good balance. If  you can't do a handglide don't even try crickets. The best thing how you can practice your balance is to stay in a 'Handglide position' and move your feets in defferent directions(do it as long as possible without a break). This will strengthen your wrists and balance. It's not too hard to hop, the hard part is landing in a turtle position. When learning this, you'r gonna land on your face or collapse on your arms because you hit your elbows wrong. You also gonna get hit hard in the stomach. Try to tense your stomach up so when you land on it, it dosen't hurt. As you get better at hopping, you'll be able to hop in a circle, or hop in several directions. Hopping in place looks impressive as well.

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