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Ok this is the backbone of breakdancing. This looks like the person doing it is dancing in a circle on the floor with all four limbs. You start off in a push-up position (dosen't have to start this way it's just easy to describe it from here) and you lift your  left arm.(step1) Place your right foot through where your left arm used to be.(step2) Now bring your left leg forward and put your left foot into your right leg's joint.(where your leg bends at, like your armpit it's step3) Now, quickly kick your right leg high in the air and put it down in front of you for a spilt second, then slide it under your butt so you are sitting on your bent leg. At the same time(step 4) swing your left leg in a wide circle and wrap it around your right leg at the same time putting your left  hand down and raising your right hand up to allow for the legs to pass through, so that now your right foot is flat on the floor knee facing up and your left foot is sideways on the floor, the flat part of it facing behind you. Steps3 and 4 can be changed around in how you link them, but either way they must be done quickly. (Step 5)Now put your right foot back into a push-up position, (step6) and then your left leg. Do steps5 and 6 in a clear manner. Don't do these steps too quickly. You should be back into a push-up position, just repeat the steps now.

6-Step Tips; Eventually you must learn to link powermoves like windmills and flares into your six-step, and to 'tech' the six step, which means adding extra moves or things like spinning on your knees or quickly moving in a counter-clockwise direction then moving back into a clock-wise direction. Remember to always stay on your toes, never use your whole foot unless its part of your tech. Keep you hips under your center of gravity. This means you will have to keep one foot underneath you at mosta times by alternating. Be aware of excessive arm-flaying unless it's part of your style. Try to keep a relaxed face over the whole time you are dancing(it looks much more impressive). Don't just go for speed. Change the tempo, and don't forget that it's possible to return to toprock briefly and then reenter footwork.

For breakdancing you need to be healthy and keep fit, vitamins and minerals are essential in a high performance dance as breakdance. They will give you power make you feel more creative and most importantly keep you healthy!!

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