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A 1990 is a move when you are spinning on one hand in a handstand position. Basically you have to be able to do a good Handstand to do this move. As I've already said practice a lot Handstands to build up your shoulder strength and balance, then you have to get the feeling of the motion of a 1990 by standing on your hands and winding your legs in circular motion. Doing a 1990: As you place your first arm down, swing the opposite leg of the arm you just used. Swing that leg up in a circular motion and open both legs wide on one arm. The second you have both legs open on one arm. Slightly shift your weight onto your other arm. The minute you are on both hands try to focus your energy on winding your legs. At the same time lifting up your first arm and balancing yourself on your spinning arm. You should spin on the lower part of your hand opposite your thumb. Also look down at your hands as you are spinning.

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