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Up-Rock is back on the Hip-Hop Scene

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The Original B-Boy Generation consists of classic Breakers, Boogaloo (Poppers), Lockers, Rockers, MC's, Beat Boxers, DJ's and Graffitti Writers. Some have been around, until 1978, when a defined name entitled "Hip Hop" was derived by Afrika Bambaattaa. Hip Hop united all of these different elements. Rocking has been developing in the late 60's before these dances were even united under "Hip Hop."

If we did not have Rockers back in the late 60's we would not have the break dancers, (media's term), today. Breakin' now reappears in the streets and clubs of New York City as it did in the early 80's. From the beginning, Uprock "Jerks", "Burns", and "Freestyle" were and are the three main movements used in this dance art form, and is still being used in today's breakin'. The modified Uprock in Breakin is called Toprock. Where breakin' is done solo the "Uprock" dance involves two or more dancers, single or as a team, dancing alternatively or simultaneously, performing what is called a dance battle. When Uprocking, you must use a combination of different body movements/jerks, along with hand gestures/burns and foot shuffling and turns/freestyle while keeping in pace with the music. Uprock, unlike breaking, which involves spins or powermoves, is more in sync with the "break" of a record. Uprocking does have many similar "Down Rocking", (known as Boing Oing) to others, that breakers use. Uprocking the downrocking part soon evolved to become "B-Boyin", which the Bronx took to the next level with spins. Each Organization contributes thier own dance history and style in Rocking, they add just the right amount of flavor that keeps us in beat with the Hip-Hop dance scene.

By Break Easy

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