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Hip-Hop is the biggest youth-culture in the world and it’s expanding tremendously. Everyone wants to be part of it; black, white, Chinese, Japanese, French, Mexican…This is definitely going to be the largest youth culture, for the next 20 years*, and this is why businesses are starting to realise the potential which keeps hidden in this yet undiscovered huge-marketplace.


We offer many highly professional services, such as

Marketing opportunities 4 businesses.

        Small or large any business that wishes to approach the biggest youth-culture can get help & service from us. We will advertise your products on hip-hop events around the Uk we even have links to event-organisers outside the United Kingdom.

We also offer Consulting and advice.

        The members of the Hardschool Group have a lot of experience in the hip-hop field and they know the scene very well, we will be happy to cooperate with companies wishing to bring new products onto the market (clothes, hip-hop & dance kit, jewellery…) or simply give any sort of advice a business may need concerning this sector.

We offer our skills.

        We will be more than happy to come down and perform at your companies’ anniversary, or do any sort of show or performance.

        If you are a school, we are able to do breakdance-workshops, or regular breakdance-classes, contact us to negotiate a reasonable price. Sometime this service is offered for free.


Why go with us:

1.      Our prices are very low.

2.      We have 3 long years of dance teaching experience

3.      We have an overview of all the major breakdance scenes.

4.      We are the only ones around who offer Breakdance and Hip-Hop services.

5.      We do our job in a highly professional way.







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